Hello, my name is Tizian Hartmann. Welcome to my page!


Originally, I come from the Bavarian town of Mindelheim, where I started to take piano lessons as soon as I turned 5 years old. I got introduced to classical music such as pieces by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Rachmaninov. However, being inspired by my father-saxophonist, who plays jazz for many years, I began to improvise, and here is where the search for my own musical language begins.


First and foremost, I took improvisation lessons and began to compose music with my friends and my father. At the age of 16 I experienced my first big public performance at “Silvestersaal Mindelheim”, which I followed by creating a music group „The Uniques Jazz Band” in 2016. The band is still performing today.


At the age of 18 I decided to continue my music transmission and started to visit various Jazz-Sessions, which developed me as a person and a musician in regards of flexibility, adaptability, feeling the music. I created a social network, which later provided me with the opportunities to perform in different venues. 


In 2017 I moved to Hof, a town in Upper Franconia, in order to study International Managements (B.A.). I have noticed that the town lacked some music movement, so I founded a new student band called „Studenten Revolution”, which brought the light into Hofs´ entertainment life and inspired many locals to join our project team. The band consisted of international members from around the world and included vocals, bass guitar, electro guitar, drums, harp and a beatbox. The band performed at «Bürgerfest Hof 2018», the launch of the start-up Awalla, in bars such as KunstKaufHaus Hof, Trompeter etc.


The year 2018 turned out to be the most successful year so far in terms of music performances. By June I was able to perform in more than 30 different venues across Bavaria: solo, duo, trio, the whole band. Music has become the key direction for my life. 


Recently I moved to Deggendorf, in order to finish my studies of International Management, where I am also working as a music equipment part-time employee and participate in a Big Band of the university.


I´ve also been influenced by Latin music during my travels through South America. It is therefore possible to hear elements of bossa nova, samba, tango, reggae, ska, calypso etc. in my piano playing. Outside music I enjoy playing hockey and travelling.